We specialize in working in conjunction with government relations teams to advocate their position to appointed or elected decision makers.

Educate – Identify – Mobilize

Educate, Identify and Mobilize

Gone for good are the days of back room regulatory deals, keeping the voters in the dark until the very last minute and the elected officials sitting in safe legislative seats regardless of how they vote. The internet and social media saw to that. The most concise and effective method is now transparency. Be up front and forthcoming with every part of your project or regulatory issue. If you are forthcoming and up front, you will slowly gain the trust of the community you are involved in, if you are not, they are going to find out anyway and you will lose any goodwill you had and cannot get it back.

Your Neighbors

Your first step out of the gate should be meeting with the people who will be the most impacted by your project, the neighbors and residents.  Develop an open communication style that will put people at ease as much as possible and show they every plan that you have, everything that you plan to file, answer every question, no matter how hard it is.

We are not claiming that people are going to like all the answers, getting a “no” is much better than getting silence. We will make a promise, with River Landing Solutions none of the residents will be able to claim that they were ignored.



Local Business Owners Will Benefit

There is something in business that is referred to as the “multiplier effect”. This effect refers to the increase in support jobs within the community for every job you may be bringing in. For example, for every job a quarry creates, 4.87 support jobs are created in the county.  Potential vendors will also benefit, local sandwich shops, local printers, gas stations, mechanics, these could be vendors for your business and see an increase in their business and revenue because you have opened up an operation.

Industry Direct Jobs Supplier Jobs Induced Jobs Total Indirect Jobs
Utilities 100 515.4 442.2 957.7
Manufacturing 100 289.1 454.9 744.1
Mining 100 224 166 390
Transportation and Warehousing 100 112.8 163.3 276

 *Economic Policy Institute, “Updated Employment Multipliers for the U.S. Economy – Josh Bivens, January 23, 2019

Media Opportunities

Working with the local media can be of great benefit to your operations. Educating the media about what you do, the positive impact you have on the community, the increase in revenue for local business owners and the positive impact your business will have everyone’s daily lives, and the community will create goodwill towards your operations.

The media can go a long way to educating the public about you before any opposition has a chance to take hold. Providing answers to the questions that we know will be coming, some reasonable, some that are meant to strike fear in residents. We can negate the impact of the rhetoric by anticipating and informing the media why it is nothing more than rhetoric by providing facts and science to back our claims up.

If you take the path of reacting to those unreasonable concerns and rhetoric, you are already far behind.

EDUCATE, IDENTIFY AND MOBILIZE goes for the media as well.