We specialize in working in conjunction with government relations teams to advocate their position to appointed or elected decision makers.

Educate – Identify – Mobilize

Our Experience Makes Us Different


We have nearly 20 years of experience working in the field of regulatory politics. Since 2004, our major area of concentration has been in the aggregates and mining industry. In that time, we have worked on over 250 regulatory campaigns in 36 states and six countries from coal, to limestone, to asphalt plants to uranium mines. We have been successful with senior living communities, urban building development and referendum campaigns.

Educate, Identify and Mobilize

These are the three words we live by.  We use our community and political assessment product to identify the key stakeholders in each community, our campaign will target those stakeholders and create an ongoing dialogue. 

Our goal is to be transparent and out front, telling our story the way it should be told, with the facts. Informing the key stakeholders what we are doing through a two-way conversation, always listening and addressing their concerns in order to make them as comfortable as we can. Our campaigns include integral research, creating conversations and listening to what they members of the community have to say. We may not always be able to give them the answer they want but they will never be able to say they were ignored.


Through our experience what we have learned is that every situation is unique, every company is unique, each community is unique and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. We take the time to listen to the residents, hear what they are saying and address their concerns and fears. We cannot always alleviate their fears and concerns but we will create a dialogue that will ease the tension. We will identify the unique problems that your regulatory application contains, its most vulnerable parts and prepare for the arguments and strategies that the opposition will try to leverage.

We are not afraid to tell our clients that regardless of what they do or how much money they spend, there is no chance for success. Transparency and honesty are the two qualities we are most proud of.

We rely on the best-case practice in order to exceed our client’s expectations. We understand the needs of each community we work in and develop a strategy that will effectively address each of those needs.

We do not trust rumors we confirm them, any information we provide we know is concrete. Once we identify a supporter, we will stay close to them as they will get pressure from their neighbors or other parents at school or in social situations. We will be on top of any information that is being spread and in doing so, we reassure our supporters that they are not alone, that they are in fact the majority.

At the correct time, we will mobilize our supporters through several different means, all informing the decision makers of the level of support in the community.


Thinking Outside The Box

We are very proud of ability to create a strategy specifically designed to address your specific problems. We are a creative group who are not afraid to think outside the box to come up with those unique solutions that may be required in order to be successful. In all honesty, this is the fun part of the job, to use our collective, creative abilities that think of a strategy that no one else has thought of before. Due in large part to our years of experience, we are able to anticipate the opposition strategy and message before they are able to develop it.

We will also sit down with the opposition, as often as they want, to listen and take their concerns and fears back to our clients. The great saying, “walk a mile in their shoes”, well that is exactly what we do, always look at an issue in part through an opponent’s eyes and think like they do in order to come up with the most effective solutions.

At River Landing Solutions, we do not strive to be the largest firm, we only desire to be the best.