We specialize in working in conjunction with government relations teams to advocate their position to appointed or elected decision makers.

Educate – Identify – Mobilize


In today’s regulatory and entitlement campaigns, you need to have a social media campaign ready to go, we promise that your opposition will. 


Combining the traditional grassroots campaign strategies such as door to door canvassing with the latest in digital technology is essential to staying ahead of your your opposition. Opponents to a regulatory application use social media as an organizing tool, it is the most cost-effective way they have to begin their effort. Social media allows them to obtain strategy from similar successful efforts not only from around the country but from around the world.

Digital tracking has become essential and incredibly efficient. As a client, you can follow the growth of support, the breakdown of voter opinions and assess your progress in real time.

Social Media:

Social media can be used in numerous ways for your benefit. We will use Facebook and Twitter as well as other social applications to send out accurate and concise messages to residents, it allows us to interact and answer legitimate questions instantly. We have safeguards in place to prevent opponents from spreading rumors and false information onto these pages.

 We also do not count a “like” on a page as having a supporter. You can press “like” just to get information from a page. Anyone who “likes” a page, we will attempt to engage in conversation and then assess their level of support.  We only count someone as a supporter if they are will are willing to be mobilized after they are identified.

 During slow periods of a campaign, we have typically used our pages to identify and promote community happenings such as high school sporting events and festivals mixed in with our message. This keeps our supporters in the habit of reading our page for when there is something key to report.  


Digital Media:


We will use the most up to date digital tracking software that will allow you to see progress in real time. Once we identify a supporter, we will keep them informed and involved in part through digital contact. Our programs and knowledge allows us to micro target specific neighborhoods and demographic groups allowing us to cater our message to that group and turn a resident from being interested to being involved. 

Mobilizing these identified supporters is the absolute key to success.