With The Resignation Of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt In July, The Issue Of The Real Intention Of The “Recess Appointment” Will Once Again Come To A Boil.

On July 5th, 2018, Secretary Scott Pruitt resigned as The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Industry. Immediately President Trump appointed Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler as Acting Administrator. What does this mean? It is likely that Wheeler will remain Acting Administrator until the President has the opportunity to name what is referred to as a “Recess […]

The Gas Tax is Obsolete

It is about time that politicians in Washington and at the state level started paying attention to this foreseeable problem. For at least six years, we have been writing about and telling anyone who would listen that the current gas tax is obsolete. Why does the system need be changed? Several reasons, primarily though, is […]

The “New Normal” In Development

THE “NEW NORMAL” IN DEVELOPMENT   In our hometown of Franklin, TN in Williamson County, multiple Home Owner’s Associations are banding together in order to organize a more potent and impactful group who would have a larger say in new development projects within the city and the county. What is different about this you may […]