Our Clients Issue

  • Our client, a mining company, proposed to expand a salt mine and solar evaporation
  • ponds that cover 106 square miles near a large lake in the mid-west.
  • The project would have to be approved by several federal agencies.
  • Opponents have formed a coalition that consists of environmentalists, fisherman and hunters.
  • The have been no recognized supporters of the project.



  • Our initial efforts conducted a scope investigation that found that the project manager at the government agency was giving false information to our client.
  • The representative from the government had told our client that their plans looked good and that there was a backlog which why the process was taking longer than usual.
  • The representative from the government told our project manager that they were purposely stalling the project in the hope that a new administration would support them in denying this application.
  • We decided to have resident phone and write their local congressmen and the two United States Senators informing of the agencies actions.
  • Our outreach plan began with employees of the salt mine providing the names of two people who we could contact on their behalf to support the mine expansion.
  • We expanded our outreach to both customers and vendors of the mine asking them also to provide names to contact on their behalf.
  • We mobilized citizens to write and call the government agency and their elected legislatures asking that this application be moved along in the approval process.


The Result

  • Before our involvement, there was no demonstrated support for this project and the approving agencies determined that they could delay the process without any repercussions.
  • Support was demonstrated through phone calls and letters to the agency and elected representatives.
  • The project is still ongoing but has moved along in the process, the former project manager for the government has been replaced.