Regulatory Decisions

NIMBY opposition is no longer restricted to land use issues, the groups have become empowered; especially as social media takes over as the mainstream way to communicate. The Regulatory process in the state and federal agencies can take months if not years to complete. Through our years of experience, we have seen internal personal agendas come to light within a government agency.

Conducting one of our political assessments in 2008, we approached the regional office for a federal regulatory agency and told them we were opposed to our client’s project and asked what the status was. The person in charge of evaluating the application told us that our client’s project would never happen, that he was dragging the process out as long as he could so when the new administration took office in January 2009, he could turn down the application.

How do you know if there is an internal personal agenda that will derail your application? When you find out there is one, how do you stop it? We are experts at getting that information for our clients and developing a campaign strategy that will move that application through the process and ensure that you get a fair shake.