River Landing Solutions is the latest undertaking of Christopher Hopkins providing strategic political analysis to large and small companies alike on how to navigate through governmental regulations that can restrict business expansion. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations when providing solutions to complex regulatory political problems. From overcoming organized opposition to a required zoning change to assisting a client obtain a liquor license to getting the federal permits for additional rail line to ship limestone through a state. Regardless of the regulatory issue being raised, we will develop the proper campaign to win the regulatory approvals.

Whether it be on a local, state or federal level, in the 21st century the amount of politics at play in any governmental decision can derail the most common sense development project or energy solution. Today the reality is, if your opponents can run a campaign to derail you, beat them to the punch with a campaign of your own that will be transparent, educate the public, identify your supporters and mobilize your base to provide the political cover that is needed in today’s political sphere.

Knowing Where Problems May Occur Saves You Time and Money

Beginning a highly important permitting process for your company is not something you do blindly. Most companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on on land options, environmental studies, test drilling and market testing, all worthy expenditures. But in 2016, when it is just as likely if not more, that local opposition and local political pressure will kill or at best significantly delay your project, why would you not do a political due diligence as well.

You will benefit from an unbiased and unfiltered assessment of everyone that has to make a decision on your applications, every group or residents who are likely to oppose your application, where you can likely identify support and why and finally what mitigation opportunities may be available.  Gone are the days when the local fixer can make a few phone calls, have a drink and solve your problems. In the internet and digital age we live in now, residents are empowered and galvanized creating a need to counter. Knowing how and when to do so effectively will save you time and significant resources.

Christopher Hopkins has spent over 30 years working on political campaigns both on the electoral playing field and finding political solutions for Fortune 500 Companies during the regulatory process. Chris has spent the past 17 years working exclusively with corporate clients navigating regulatory issues at a local, state and federal level. Chris has run corporate campaigns in 32 states and five foreign countries managing over 200 zoning and regulatory campaigns for construction material companies, mining companies, commercial developers, gaming companies and philanthropists.

He is a regular speaker on overcoming the political difficulties of regulatory approvals, specifically in the area of aggregate facilities and mineral mines before such organizations as the National Sand, Stone and Gravel Association, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration and the American Exploration and Mining Association.

Chris is an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona, where he teaches in the graduate program at the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources on how politics impact the regulatory processes and and how to overcome organized opposition.  He has recently been asked to join the faculty for the Global Mining Law Center at the James E Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. He has been a frequent guest lecturer at graduate programs at several other prestigious universities as well, including the University of Utah, the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the University of Illinois. His articles are routinely published in industry trade journals.

Chris left electoral politics in 1999 to concentrate on regulatory affairs after managing and participating in more than 20 political campaigns over a 12-year period. Since entering the field, he has overseen over 350 campaigns on issues ranging from acquiring permits for a uranium mine, acquiring a gaming license, gaining local and state permits for limestone and granite quarries, permitting retail malls and obtaining liquor licenses.

He is an active member of the National Stone, Sand and & Gravel Association where he serves on the education committee, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration and the American Exploration and Mining Association. Chris was formally on the Board of Directors of the American Coal Council.

Chris did his undergraduate studies and received his master’s degree in public policy from the University of Massachusetts. He has completed additional programs at Harvard, MIT and the Harvard Business School.

Chris resides in Franklin, Tennessee where he can be found relaxing around a fire enjoying a good cigar or continuing on his quest to watch a game in every major league baseball stadium.