Providing Value by Gathering Hard to Get
Political and Community Information

RLS is an expert in discovering potential roadblocks through thorough due diligence

and managing regulatory campaigns that will save you time and money as you move forward.

Our Expertise

Welcome to River Landing Solutions LLC, (RLS). We have over 16 years of experience in the treacherous field of regulatory politics. On the local, state and federal levels, every regulatory decision from obtaining a special use permit at your local county commission to obtaining the necessary permits to mine uranium from the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a political decision. Residents with NIMBY concerns, environmentalists with a specific energy preference, they all rely on the politics involved in pressuring the decision makers to vote the way they want them to and they do it with sheer numbers.

In order to be successful in today’s developmental world, you need to demonstrate the same amount of support as there is opposition. From a casino to a mall to a quarry to a uranium mine to wind farm to a senior living community, we have worked to generate support for our client’s project. We have worked on these projects through 40 states and six countries. In all of these diverse cultures, we have been able to adapt and implement a successful campaign plan that addresses the political needs of our clients.

RLS places our clients needs first, our priority is to remain in the background while building our clients support and then overwhelm the decision makers with demonstrated support from the community; we do not become the issue in any campaign. We at RLS do not wish to become the biggest company in the industry, we strive to be the best.



How do you know if you are making progress, that you have the correct strategy in place and if you have chosen the right people, do you rally want to wait until the final vote to measure your progress?


NIMBY opposition is no longer restricted to land use issues, the groups have become empowered; especially as social media takes over as the mainstream way to communicate. The Regulatory process in the state and federal agencies can take months if not years to complete. Through our years of experience, we have seen internal personal agendas come to light within a government agency.


In 2016, every campaign be it electoral or regulatory and land use requires the latest up to date digital campaign strategy and social media. The groups that oppose your development application will be using it and using it effectively. If you do not use it, you are starting with a handicap. Social media has become the predominant method of getting your message out to the public and for that public to provide feedback.


Most companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on land options, environmental studies, test drilling and market testing, all worthy expenditures. But in 2016, when it is just as likely that local opposition and local political pressure will kill or at best significantly delay your project, why would you not conduct a political assessment as well.


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